To continue my position as Survey Party Chief/ Field Engineer in the construction Industry, that will utilize my education and field experience to contribute to the corporations continued success.

Compass Point Surveyors 2008-2010 Sr. Party Chief
• Appointed to mentor other Party Chiefs in Construction Layout.
• Entrusted to Calculate and Layout all aspects of the Bascule Bridges of John’s Pass.
• Responsible to recover control, and calculations for various Pre-Cast buildings.
• Accepted duties as liaison between Engineer, Contractor, Inspector and Surveyor on reconstruction of Interstate Highway I-275
• Accurately recovered and set control, for both horizontal and vertical alignment, for the layout of various roadways, buildings, and numerous pipeline projects.

Foresight Surveyors 2007-2008 Sr. Party Chief
• Assigned primary surveyor, responsible for all geometric control, calculation and layout for the Bascule Bridge of Indian Shores.
• Accepted responsibilities for alignment, horizontal and vertical, for the completion of 4 miles of Interstate 275, all access roadways and four bridges.

Crosstown Surveyors 2006-2007 Party Chief
• In charge of construction survey crews.
• Trained new personnel.
• Responsible for Geometric Control for various Pre-Cast structure layout.
• Layout of all phases of sub-divisions, above and below ground.

Foresight Surveyors 1998-2006 Sr. Party Chief
• Assigned to set all geometric control, and layout of Venice Bascule Bridge.
• Served as liaison between contractor and survey field crews.
• Instructed field crews on accepted survey techniques.
• Entrusted in calculation of all phases of various civil survey projects. Including but not limited to bridges, roadway, building, lift Stations, pipelines and parking areas.

Misener Marine 1991-1993 & 1994-1998 Survey Party Chief
• Head surveyor on Bridge Projects:

The Gandy Bridge, Tampa, FL
• Responsible for all Geometric Control and layout of 2.6 mi. bridge
• Assigned to train all survey personnel for standard bridge layout.
• Strong skills at Interpreting plans, and revisions.
• Acted as liaison between Engineers and Contractor.

The Bailey Bridge, Panama City, FL
• In charge of all Geometric control.
• All layout from pile location to bridge deck elevations.

The Bridge over Lagoona San Jose, Puerto Rico
• Responsible for the training of survey personnel.
• Verified all geometric control.
• Entrusted with all computations and layout to facilitate the erection and alignment of 1.4 mi. bridge.

Cone Constructors 1993-1994 Survey Party Chief
• Assigned all computations and layout for a section of the Veterans Expressway.

Traylor Brothers 1987-1988 & 1990-1991 Survey Party Chief
The Bayside Bridge, Clearwater, FL
• Assigned to set all control, Horizontal and Vertical, for the construction of 2.6 mi. bridge.
• Given “deep water” section to layout

The Howard Frankland Bridge, Tampa, FL
• Head surveyor of bridge project.
• Set all control for project.
• Entrusted with all geometric computations for completion of 3.0 mi. Bridge.

S.E.U. Construction 1988-1990 Field Engineer
• Assigned to oversee survey crews.
• Verify all calculation by surveyors.
• Maintain acceptable tolerances for the construction or numerous roadway projects.

Nelson Construction 1986-1987 Survey Party Chief
• Responsible for Geometric control and layout on special design build construction projects, such as The Lowery Park Zoo, Tampa, FL.

Kissinger, Campo & Assoc. 1985-1986 Survey Inspector
Apalachicola Bay and River Bridges, Apalachicola, FL
• Assigned to verify control, alignment, and elevation of both bridges combined length 22.4 mi.

SKY.C.E.I. 1982-1985 Survey Party Chief
The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, St.Petersburg, FL
• Assigned Inspector of surveying, high level approach.
• Responsible for checking control and alignment of 5.5 mi. segmental Bridge.
• Required to verify tolerances of pre-cast segments in casting yard.

1978-1981 U.S. Army National Guard
Received two Outstanding Service Awards for Surveying

1982 FDOT Construction math and plans reading
Certificate of completion
1979 Defense Mapping School, Fort Belvoir, VA.
Certificate of completion, Construction Surveying.
1977 E.A. Laney High School, Wilmington, NC.
Diploma of Graduation.

Worked in construction surveying field over 32 years.
Over 20 years in heavy civil marine construction.
Skilled in plans reading and interpretation.
Understands and operates all survey instruments, Electronic and manual, including
Topcon Hyper Pro, Hyper Lite and GR3 GPS units.
TDS software, Recon and Ranger Data collectors
Strong abilities to calculate geometrical control
Self motivated, detail oriented, interacts well with others.

Key Skills

Read plans well, accurately use survey equipment, pay close attention to detail.

Desired Salary


Total Experience

33 years

Year of Birth

1959, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

David Austin Sr.

Phone Number


City & State

Brandon, Florida

Zip Code


Street Address

901 Sandywood Drive