Seeking a position as a Survey Instrument Tech/Survey CAD Tech with an engineering and/or land surveying company. I am currently a L.S.I.T. and have set a goal to work towards becoming a PLS.

Key Skills

Fie ld Surve y Expe rience:
• Trimble R8, base and rover – Trimble Access software
• Leica GS15 rover, Leica 1200 base – Geosystems Viva software
• Bakken Oil Field surveying – Boundary (PLSS), topography, pipeline and well pad (staking and as-builts)

Survey Drafting Skills:
• Record of Survey maps, Subdivision plats, ALTA Survey maps, Topographic maps, Site plans Exhibits
• – easements, utilities, improvements, as-builts, etc.
• Oil/Gas well location maps for state agencies – Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota
• Aliquot breakdowns and legal descriptions
• Metes and bounds descriptions
• Experienced at pulling GLO survey notes to produce search coordinates
• Pulling NGS data sheets
• Using GIS systems, municipal and private, to pull property ownership and attribute data, imagery, dtm, etc.
• Import/export ascii point files, fieldbook files, shapefiles, surface xml’s, horizontal and vertical alignment
• xml’s, google imagery, google surfaces, sid files, etc. Create DTM’s from survey point data
• Calculate construction stake out points from civil plan sets Create descriptor key files for survey point symbology

Software Skills :
• AutoCAD versions 9 thru 2014 – LDD, Civil 3D, Map 3D
• Trimble Geomatics Office, Trimble Business Center and Survey Controller software Topcon Tools and Topsurv software
• Survey Pro Office and controller software
• Able to import/export data from ESRI ArcGIS/ArcInfo Lizard Tech Geo Viewer – clip georeferenced imagery COGO CAD

Educational Details


Acceptable Locations


Desired Salary


Total Experience

12 years

Year of Birth

1970, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Michael Villa

Phone Number


City & State

Oxnard, California

Street Address

205 S. F Street