We are a Professional Land Surveying Firm providing a complete range of land surveying services. We serve the public, private, commercial, residential, government and industrial sectors. We use the latest technologies and techniques to provide our client with the best possible value. Our philosophy is to provide the best land surveying services in a safe environment. This philosophy translates in to faster turn around time, better quality and a wider range of services.

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Land Surveying

Land Surveying

A survey is an examination of your property designed to determine the boundaries and size of the property and to show the location of any improvements. The result of the survey is a survey plat or map. The plat or survey map should disclose all building setback lines, the location of any easements crossing your property and possible encroachments. An encroachment being any structure, fence or building crossing the property line. There are also surveys that can be performed to show topography and water flow across your property, the elevation of any structures on your property, and the location of any septic and drain lines.

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As I have mentioned before and I will say it again. Seemingly rational and reasonable people will absolutely lose every ounce of sanity when it comes to 1. Their Children 2. Their property lines. Our natural instinct is to protect our cubs and defend
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Utility Safety is only going to be more crucial as our aging infrastructure gets older and less reliable. Be careful out there.
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Oldie but a goodie. You need to know where your property rights begin and end!!
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Take time to watch this video. I am in the process of challenging the way I do everything and Mr. Simon Sinek explains the importance of WHY.
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Laser scans can be used for designing building additions, retrofitting existing piping systems, and creating simulations for extracting large objects (heat exchangers, holding tanks, etc.) from an operational plant. Our laser scan packages include a preliminary survey scan and the path needed to bring in the new components. Our scans have also been used to create operation schedules to minimize operational disruptions during equipment retrofits. The ability to capture data in a non-invasive manner is instrumental when working with historical buildings.

We offer the latest technologies to add real value to the work of engineers, architects and construction professionals. A surveyor's top priority is to produce accurate, clear and well-organized information. Our thoroughly trained field crews provide the most reliable field data to inform our drafted drawings. The result? The best possible end design. We use Geodetic Positioning Systems to establish or verify elevations on site and then utilize the best methodology for collecting data to ensure precision.

Mr. Tompkins started working construction in high school and now has over 20 years of construction experience and more than 15 years in surveying. Mr. Tompkins has worked on prominent projects across the East Coast with award-winning engineering and surveying firms. His experience and customer-focused attitude ensures that clients enjoy successful projects from start to finish. Mr. Armstrong is a project surveyor who holds a bachelor's in civil engineering from Kennesaw State University. He studied land surveying at Southern Polytechnic State University.

Drones have been a game-changer for our clients. We can now capture a wide variety of aerial images to help our clients maximize their investments. We can update county aerial surveys for a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography services. Tompkins Surveying and Mapping is fully insured and licensed to perform aerial drone surveys. We can help you check your crops to ensure they are healthy and getting the required water they need to grow. The latest scanning technology reveals patterns exposing irrigation problems and soil variation as well as pest and fungal infestations not visible at eye level.

Construction staking is part of our main services package to graders, general contractors and construction companies. We have performed constructions staking services on residential homes, schools, churches, large retail stores, commercial buildings, industrial plants, subdivisions and other large projects. We are fully insured, safety trained and qualified to assist in any construction project. We have assisted in the establishment of site control, surface modeling, surface changes and motor grading controls for several sites and contractors.

We utilize Geographic Information Systems and traditional surveying methods to verify or improve existing maps and/or to create new maps. Legible, easy-to-understand make our maps sharp and intuitive.

Accident prevention takes primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. Tompkins Surveying and Mapping's management provides safe and healthy working conditions and establishes safety guidelines for safe practices at all times by all employees. Management, field crews and staff are required to make safe work practices a part of their daily routine. Employees receive complete training to help ensure that safety. Every job site presents new potential hazards, so we incorporate tailgate meetings and safety sheets as a standard part of our workflow.

We are proud to announce that Tompkins Surveying and Mapping, LLC has been acquired by Croy, an award-winning multi-discipline consulting engineering firm based in Marietta, Ga. This transition will enable us to continue to offer the same professional, precise, and fast service, while leveraging the resources of a larger firm. We are excited about this next step for our company and look forward to working with both current and new clients. Mapping Underground Utilities: Tompkins Surveying uses the latest technology and well-trained staffers to locate and mark all underground utilities - beyond those covered by 811, in which public utilities only identify the ones they own.