Welcome to the Quill Group, Connecticut's most versatile, professional land surveying, civil engineering and materials testing laboratory all under one roof. We are a complete service consulting company with a staff of well trained, experienced, and professional civil engineers and land surveyors delivering planning, civil engineering, and land surveying expertise to both private and public sector customers.

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  City Bridgeport, CT
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  Address 525 John Str
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The Quill Group is comprised of four engineering/consulting companies each contributing talent and resources to maximize our efficiency and service. By contacting the Quill Group, you access all of our services, products and industry experts. James Quill was educated at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass., with a Graduate Degree in Civil Structural Geotechnical Engineering, along with a BSCE from Lowell Tecnological Institue. Before founding the Quill Group, Jim was developing Corporate Properties and construction projects for Pitney Bowes after spending 5 years in the engineering and consulting field.

Our pavement and highway design team pays careful attention to demanding traffic patterns and environmental concerns. We can design a new route or rework a current obsolete design. The Quill Group works as your partner and guide to ensure your needs are met with clear, rational designs that fit roadway geometry. Our planning, design and construction administration/management services can fit all of your transportation requirements.

Stuctural Engineering designs for structural steel, wood framing, concrete, foundations including pile designs. Our library of structural analysis software allows us to effectively model and design your concrete, steel masonry and wood-framed structures to meet all state building code requirements incorporating IBC snd IRC requirements that currently dictate building design standards. Our engineers are experienced in mid rise design in both steel and concrete, as well as, developing platforms for wood framing typically used on mid-rise residential structures.

We implement spray-applied fireproofing, classified as a passive fire protection because once installed it remains in place and ready to perform. The necessity of fireproofing is based on the classification of building type and occupancy according to the code authority adopted by the city in which the building is to be constructed.

Our design team will work with you to create consensus designs. After we have completed a review of the social, recreational, and environmental factors, Quill engineers will design your project to be aesthetically pleasing and maintain practical functionality.

For over 30 years, The Quill Group has been conducting subsurface/foundation investigation analysis and design, test borings, pile design, retaining wall systems, dewatering systems, Support of Excavation (SOE) and other geotechnical-related services. Our engineers are experienced in midrise design in both steel and concrete, as well as, developing platforms for wood framing typically used on mid-rise residential structures. Our survey teams are comprised of professional land surveyors, technicians, and field personnel.

Since its inception in 1867, Fuller Engineering & Land Surveying has become synonymous with accurate and detailed land surveying. When looking for people who regard professionalism and expedience in high-end residential or commercial building projects, Fuller Engineering & Land Surveying is hands-down the first choice. Fuller uses state of the art robotic and GPS equipment for fast and accurate data collection. With more than 100 years of land surveying and site design behind us, Fuller is the experienced alternative for your next site design and land surveying project.