The goal of Stratton Land Services, Inc. is to remain a small company that is capable of offering superior quality service at a reasonable price. Rob Stratton is involved with every project to insure that quality and consistency is provided. We work closely with our clients to insure that they are getting the services that best fit their needs. This includes understanding the purpose of the project and discussing the benefits and implications that different services may have.

Educating our customers is an important part of this process. We work hard to derive a well defined scope of services to be provided. We work equally hard in helping our clients resolve issues that may arise during their project. Surveying is like detective work, piecing together historic legal documents with evidence from the field. When conflicts arise, we help our clients evaluate the problem and determine their possible solutions.

We keep up on the laws that effect boundaries and surveys. We are active in the survey associations in Idaho and Washington as well as the national organization. We attend as many continuing education classes as possible to stay informed of the issues. Surveying is a complex field that works with the laws and legal theories that govern boundaries. Understanding these laws helps us to better serve our clients.

We stay current with the latest improvements in technology. We use a Topcon Hyper GPS receiver that receives both NAVSTAR and GLONASS signals. We have a Topcon GPT3005 total station and Topcon GPT9003 robotic total station. Both have reflectorless capabilities. Data collection is obtained using a Topcon FC2200 or a Carlson Explorer 600+. Both units use the current version of Carlson SurvCE software. Office work is performed in AutoCAD 2008 Land Development Desktop.

Stratton Land Services, Inc. offers a variety of surveying services including boundary, construction, topography, platting, ALTA, control, right-of-way, elevation certificates, LOMAs and property descriptions. We also offer engineering services for the design of site plans, road plans, drainage plans, grading plans and utility plans.

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  • We work closely with our clients to acheive a successful project

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  • NSPS
  • LSAW

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  • Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and Utah

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  Person Rob Stratton
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Rob Stratton

Vice President

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Record of Survey: This is a formal drawing we record with the County which documents the evidence considered and the decisions made as part of the survey. These are commonly used to show new monuments set and discrepancies found during the survey. They are required by state law in some circumstances. You will receive a copy of the recorded survey if we perform one. Line Stakes: Occasionally owners may need markers in addition to or instead of at the main property corners. These markers might clarify a line over long distances, through trees or mark easement or setback lines.

Site plans: We can create site plans for your commercial or residential development. These can include conceptual layouts, horizontal layouts, grading plans and utility plans. We will work closely with you and your architect to come up with the best layout for your project, allowing for the horizontal, veritcal and utility requirements. Grading plans: Ever drive into a parking lot that goes up and down like a roller coaster or is so steep it scares you? Grading plans are the weak link in many designs because many engineers can't 'visualize' the grades.

We will provide engineering design services for those items identified in your estimate. As part of preparing the estimate, we will make every attempt to identify the services you will need and review those services with you. Note that it is often difficult to foresee every item that will need to be addressed for the design. Because of this, it is possible that there will be changes or additions to the estimate as the project progresses. Our goal is to minimize these changes as much as possible.

Rob obtained his first PLS license in Washington in 1995. He grew up working with his father, Bob Stratton, and has been around surveying all of his life. He obtained his first Professional Engineers License in Civil Engineering in Washington in 2009. Rob Stratton is an active member of the ISPLS. He was President of the Northern Section of the ISPLS in 2008 and 2009. He has been serving as the Section Director since 2012 where he represents the section at the state level. He was previously involved in the Land Surveyor's Association of Washington (LSAW), where he served as Chapter President of the South Central Chapter from 1995 to 1998, on the State Board from 1999 to 2003 and was State President in 2002.

Boundaries are created and altered by the land owners. Our responsibility is to evaluate the available evidence to determine where the boundary was created and what the land owners have done since that time to perpetuate and/or alter the boundary. There are a number of factors that determine the location of a boundary. Records are researched to determine how the boundary was created and how it may have been altered afterwords. Field research is done to determine existing monuments and usage that may influence the boundary location.