About Us Saunders' Surveys is an engineering/surveying company situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Nelson County, Virginia, USA. P. Massie Saunders, Jr., the president and owner of the company, is a Licensed Land Surveyor and Professional Engineer. Saunders' Surveys provides professional surveying and engineering services to the central Virginia region and beyond.

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  City Roseland, VA
  Zip Code 22967
  Address 329 Crabtree Fls Highway
  Phone Number (434) 277-8574

From Our Website

Our Boundary Survey work is second to none. Due to our long history we still have almost 90% of the original plats, documents and even field notes for land in Central Virginia. Add that to the over 12,000 jobs we have completed so far, we're able to settle boundary disputes before they reach the courts. Our archives are invaluable, and we even have the old equipment used years ago, just in case it needs to come into play to address issues of age and historical data. We're proud of our work, stand behind it, and honor the legacy and heritage of our family's business.

We take projects from concept to completion. Clients discuss their needs and we put together the suitable team for the job. We work on large commercial sites and the smallest of residential sites. We have worked as sub-contractors for many larger firms. We have the capability to handle almost any type of project. Our most common service is Boundary Surveys in Amherst, Nelson, Buckingham, Albemarle, Augusta, and Rockbridge Counties. We do a tremendous amount of Boundary Surveys due to our long history of that type of work, beginning around 1915.