QUEST Civil Engineers is a civil engineering company centrally situated in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Since 1993, QUEST has worked on numerous Wisconsin Department of Transportation projects including construction administration, highway design, environmental issues, wetland mitigation, bridge replacements, asphalt paving, and projects for private industry.

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  City Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  Zip Code 54494
  Address 2811 Eighth Street South # 8
  Phone Number (715) 423-3525

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That is what the diverse and experienced staff at QUEST Civil Engineers, LLC can help you achieve with your project. You will work with a dedicated team of the finest Registered Professional Engineers, Environmental Specialists and Registered Land Surveyors who will commit themselves to finding the best solutions for your project. The QUEST team is multi-dimensional; we have numerous employees that are certified in a variety of areas who actively stay up to date with new regulations and technology.

QUEST's staff has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of Construction, Surveying, Design, and Environmental projects ranging in size as well as complexity. We have a well-rounded background and understanding of all the aspects of engineering from the planning and designing phase through the construction phase. QUEST is devoted to developing strong and lasting client relationships for all our projects. We understand the importance of delivering quality services to our clients, and we also recognize and understand the importance of delivering client projects that are on time and within budget.

QUEST has knowledgeable professional staff available to assist clients in all their environmental and wetland needs for highway and airport construction as well as private development projects. As a result, our staff has developed an excellent working relationship with regulatory agencies and has an extensive knowledge of environmental regulations. The experienced staff at QUEST, delivers high-quality service and provides outstanding sustainable solutions to clients complex environmental challenges.

QUEST was responsible for the project management during construction of this 300-acre WisDOT wetland mitigation site. This large site was an extensive undertaking which included over one million cubic yards of common excavation. Also included in this project was a stream relocation, native seeding, tree and shrub plantings and erosion control. QUEST continues to monitor and manage this site for invasive species and provides treatment through both herbicide treatments and mowing. For this residential project, QUEST was responsible for delineating wetlands, designing a storm water management plan and erosion control plan and performing a phase 1 environmental assessment.

QUEST understands and appreciates the complexities of our client's projects and prides itself on the ability to provide innovative surveying solutions and services. QUEST's trusted and respected reputation in the surveying field directly relates to our professional staff's strong commitment to ethics and integrity, as well as, their attention to detail, quality work and client communication. We commit to satisfying our client's surveying needs and expectations. Surveys are dependent on the contract between the client and surveyor.

Quest has a multidisciplinary staff with a wide range of experience available to assist with our client's design needs. Our highly motivated Design Team has over 50 years of Transportation Design experience and is fully committed to providing a lasting quality and cost effective design. The engineering professionals at QUEST have extensive knowledge on projects of complex size and scope.

Our business insight, innovation and increased customer success emerges through the hard work and dedication of our employees. Our emphasis on teamwork and in providing an engaging, challenging and rewarding workplace allows QUEST to maintain a reputation of providing its customers with the highest quality of professional services by attracting and retaining a workforce of the highest possible standard. At QUEST we promote the growth and self-improvement of our employees through continued education and training programs while offering an outstanding work environment with competitive pay and benefits.

QUEST has experienced professional engineers and technicians to oversee construction projects from local roads and interstate highways to wetland mitigation sites and prairie restoration sites. QUEST also has experience in airport design and construction and is more than willing to assist in private development design and construction oversight. Construction administration is our area of expertise. Our staff is experienced in construction project management. Most of our staff has an area of expertise, which is why QUEST is efficient at dealing with specific issues such as structure construction, materials testing, project records, and environmental issues.