We're always ready to supply a huge array of professional land surveying services aimed at assisting our customers in meeting goals successfully and in a timely manner. We have 6 field crews using a huge array of technology from hand-held computers to Dual-frequency Real time G.P.S.

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  City Fort Myers, FL
  Zip Code 33907
  Address 10970 South Cleveland Ave # 605
  Phone Number (239) 275-8575

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Founded in 2000, Metron Surveying & Mapping, LLC has a diversified team, including two Registered Professional Surveyors and Mappers with a combined 50 years of surveying experience. Metron Surveying & Mapping, LLC has a unique concept which is applied to all survey tasks. Both of the two Principals takes a "hands on" approach to their projects. It is not unusual for either of them to go into the field and perform surveys or assist when necessary. By staying active in the project, both inside the office and out in the field, potential problems can be detected early and avoid delays in delivering the final product.

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