The company has served Florida since 1956 by designing, engineering and surveying several of the best domestic subdivisions, condominiums, apartments, mobile home parks, commercial sites, industrial facilities, and public works projects in the SE. Our company has knowledge in nearly every kind of land development project, from office buildings and hotels to highways and industrial plants.

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Our mobile home park and homeowners association clients often ask for our engineering recommendation regarding the sealing of the asphalt pavement covering the roadways and parking areas in their projects. The primary reason that some private property owners seal asphalt pavement is so that it will look black. People tend to think that roads should be black. When new asphalt is laid down, it has a black color due to the abundance of asphalt emulsion in the mix. When sunlight and the elements hit the pavement, the emulsion begins to oxidize and the color of the pavement turns to a light gray.

Surveying is the technique of measuring between points on the Earth's surface. It is one of civilization's oldest professions. Although the concept of surveying has not changed much over the years, the technology has evolved dramatically. Our extensive surveying and mapping capabilities and state-of-the-art resources allow us to provide our clients with high quality surveying services. For more information about our surveying services, please contact us at 727-784-3965.

As Florida continues to grow, we are confronted with the task of weighing the priority of human concerns against their impacts on our environment. Successful land planning requires a balance between the objectives of the project, aesthetics, economics, and environmental concerns. The proper combination of these factors result in a flexible recipe which we apply to every project. The planning staff of Lloveras, Baur and Stevens consists of experienced professionals with the credentials of the American Institute of Certified Planners.