The Independent Hawaii Surveyors are licensed surveyors specializing in land boundary services. We are a locally owned business in Hilo, Hawaii. We serve the whole Hawaii Island, which comprises the County of Hawaii. Our field and office team uses modern measurement and drafting tools. This unique island environment gifts challenges.

Contact Details

  City Hilo, HI
  Zip Code 96720
  Address 2043 Kinoole Street
  Phone Number (808) 959-0360

From Our Website

Our goal is to provide technical expertise and timely response to property boundary surveys and mapping requirements. Projects are usually completed on a first come basis, but if you need immediate closure, we can rush certain projects. DEED: A document which is used to transfer land between owners. It contains information about the seller (grantor), buyer (grantee), and a legal description of the property. A metes and bounds description will assist the surveyor in determining the property boundaries.