We're professional land surveyors operating out of Black Mountain, North Carolina. High Country Surveyors. was established in 1988 by John Stollery and Scott Vindal. For over 20 years, we've been committed to delivering superior services to customers throughout our region. We have extensive knowledge in a huge array of surveys, and are dedicated to quality in all kinds of our profession.

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  City Black Mountain, NC
  Zip Code 28711
  Address 117 Cherry Street # D
  Phone Number (828) 664-0091

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Founded in 1988, High Country Surveyors is committed to providing our clients with land surveys of the highest quality at the most economical price possible. Contact us to discuss your surveying needs. Construction surveys establish the location & alignment of buildings, roads, sidewalks, walls, utilities, & other man-made structures. Land surveying is often a very misunderstood profession. To assume that a visible marker is definitely your property corner, or to take the word of someone other than a professional land surveyor regarding the location of your boundary line is a very risky practice.

A survey of your property's boundary will establish or re-establish the property lines according to its legal description. Any improvements that affect the use of the property. The purpose of a topographic survey is to obtain data about the elevation of the land, as well as its natural and man-made features. Topographic surveys are a valuable tool for preparing site plans, subdivisions, or erosion control plans. These surveys vary from the division of a parcel of land into two smaller tracts, to a large acreage that will be divided for a planned community.