We're glad to introduce Engineering and Surveying Professionals. EAS, headquartered in Greenville, S.C., with a 2nd Construction Materials Laboratory in the field of Asheville, N.C. and business office in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since our inception in 2003 we currently have evolved into a multi-disciplinary engineering company with over thirty employees providing a array of engineering and surveying services.

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  City Greenville, SC
  Zip Code 29615
  Address 153 Brozzini Court
  Phone Number (864) 234-7368

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Engineering and Surveying Professionals, Inc. (EAS) partners with companies throughout the southeast and across the nation to provide high-quality solutions through every phase of construction. For more than a decade, EAS Professionals has provided engineering, surveying, materials and laboratory testing, and consulting services to clients of all sizes throughout the United States. With over 70 combined years of experience, EAS's engineers have created solutions which have saved our clients millions of dollars and kept their projects on track.

Engineering and Surveying Professionals, Inc. (EAS) is an independently-owned, multi-disciplinary engineering and land surveying firm, headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina and providing services from coast to coast. EAS's Greenville headquarters is strategically located to provide cost-effective services to clients throughout the southeastern United States. Satellite offices in Asheville, North Carolina, Summerville, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina provide quick response times and local presence in key markets.

In addition to EAS's standard services, we offer a range of unique Specialty Services to enhance EAS's multi-discipline advantage. Each of these services benefit from the close integration of geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, materials testing, and land surveying. EAS has sled, pole-mounted, and handheld ground penetrating radar scanners which allow deeper views into hidden areas. Using these scanners, EAS can accurately identify and locate underground storage tanks in Phase II ESAs, locate utility lines for as-built surveys, or identify the presence of reinforcing steel during concrete evaluations.

EAS provides a full range of environmental compliance and due diligence services to meet the unique needs of business and industry. The extensive experience of EAS's environmental professionals, our regulatory knowledge, and attention to detail aid in the early identification of a project's potential environmental and compliance issues, often saving time and money. Contact us today to discuss how EAS's environmental engineering staff can assist with your project. EAS is open for business, and is continuing to take steps to keep our customers and employees safe.

EAS's residential land surveying division is organized around the unique needs of homebuilders. Unlike large commercial projects which spend months developing a single site, our residential clients develop hundreds of homesites in dozens of subdivisions, simultaneously. To serve these demanding needs, EAS has a staff of quick-response field crews using the latest survey technologies to provide reliable information fast. Home developers are assigned a single contact person for all their survey needs, so getting the surveys you need is simple.

The sub-surface conditions of a site play a critical role in successful project development. Unexpected conditions, such as shallow rock or sinkholes, can easily overwhelm a project schedule and budget. EAS's geotechnical engineers have decades of real-world experience analyzing soil conditions and identifying potential problems early to help keep your projects on track. We pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions to our clients problems. As an independently-owned firm, EAS engineers are empowered to approach every project site as unique and to deliver custom recommendations which address the site's actual needs.

EAS's engineering services are a critical component of the due diligence, design, and construction processes. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive engineering services through every phase of your project. Knowledge of a site's subsurface conditions is critical for accurate foundation and site-development recommendations. Near-surface rock, karst topography, uncontrolled deep fill, groundwater, and other sensitive subsurface conditions can be addressed early in a development's planning stages to keep the project on time and within budget.

EAS's residential land surveying services are custom-designed for the needs of home buyers and home developers. From full-subdivision topographic surveys and homesite lot fits, to house stakes and form checks, to final closing lot plats, EAS's residential surveyors provide rapid responses and unique services throughout the entire development and sale process. EAS's commercial land surveyors provide timely services for developments of all sizes. EAS has widely-varied capabilities to assist in all phases of commercial development, including topographic, boundary, and ALTA surveys, floodplain analyses, foundation and anchor bolt layout and verification, and more.