Driesenga & Associates. D&A is a complete service professional engineering company delivering civil and geotechnical engineering, land surveying, land planning, construction materials testing and inspection, environmental consulting and landscape architecture.

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  City Cadillac, MI
  Zip Code 49601
  Address 805 North Mitchell Strt
  Phone Number (231) 775-7769

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At Driesenga & Associates, Inc. (D&A), fostering strong relationships and camaraderie is at the heart of what we stand for. Whether you're a client, employee, sector leader, community-member, or beyond, we strive to provide empathy, transparency, and devoted support throughout the entirety of our valued relationship. Instilled in our company culture is excitement for all ideas and the love for community and its stakeholders. Our team is passionate about being involved with the communities we serve throughout Michigan in order to fully grasp the unique driving forces behind each project.

Driesenga & Associates, Inc. (D&A) has been providing Michigan clients across various sectors with a wide array of engineering services since 1995. Today, we're a full-service engineering firm built upon our unwavering commitment to the success of our team, clients, and surrounding communities. Employee success and professional fulfillment comes second-to-none for us. We don't just have employees, but a valued team of diverse professionals that we're proud to support and grow alongside. In understanding that professional development opportunities are crucial throughout any engineer's career, we're happy to steadily provide them for our versatile team through hands-on work on various projects of various scales.

We are passionate about seeing communities thrive. To always ensure excellent communication, our teams of Project Managers and Engineers work very closely with clients, planning departments and public agencies to provide the technical specifications and peace of mind necessary for a successful project. Our processes make it easy to obtain site plan approval, solicit contractor bids and properly construct the project, all while keeping stakeholders updated each step of the way. The opportunity to coordinate closely with our local team of experts is an experience unmatched by the other guys, as is our loyalty to you as a client!

To ensure material quality and construction procedures comply with project specs and design standards, today's building codes and highway standards call for our on-site inspection and laboratory testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, steel, masonry, and other construction materials. All of our technicians are certified by state agencies and technical organizations in aggregate, concrete, bituminous, and masonry materials testing. With our high level of experience and training, we're proud to be Michigan's go-to materials testing experts.

Driesenga & Associates' geotechnical team is skilled in conducting a wide range of geotechnical investigations, from simple one-story residential, commercial or industrial facilities, to multi-story structures, dams, highways, bridges, retaining walls and more. With our client-focused approach, we work closely with you in order to fully understand the type of development and related structural loads proposed for a site. Then, based on a scope of services that we customize to your needs, we obtain data to form recommendations for site preparation and construction procedures, as well as for foundation, retaining wall, floor slab, and pavement design.

Driesenga & Associates works in one of the busiest industries and some of the fastest expanding markets in Michigan - meaning our growth is necessary to the success of the company and our clients. Whether you're beginning or advancing your career, we'd love for you to be a part of our team. See where we are growing and how you could play a part below. People are our most important asset at Driesenga & Associates. Our high level of service relies not only on our existing staff, but our future staff as well.

The Driesenga & Associates survey group is led by a team of experienced licensed land surveyors that direct crews of field and CAD technicians through a vast range of services. Our survey group works in conjunction with our civil engineering group on many projects to maximize efficiency and save clients time and money. Our state-of-the-art technology, including robotic total stations with electronic data collectors (designed to smoothly interface with our CAD drafting software), allow us to provide unmatched efficiency in field-to-drawing conversion.

Driven primarily by regulation, the environmental consulting field is a dynamic and ever-changing area of practice. Our experienced team is always up to speed with existing environmental regulations and constantly reviews new and proposed ones. We, too, offer the skill and intuitiveness to think one step ahead when it comes to the various interpretations of regulations by governmental agencies. By maintaining constant focus on existing, proposed and new regulations, and through close communication with stakeholders and implementing agencies, Driesenga & Associates is able to provide clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions to any environmental management issues.