Borton-Lawson offers an expert, friendly work environment with a management team that supports the success of each personal. Teamwork and quality define our daily routine, delivering each member with individual satisfaction and firm pride.

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  City Bath, PA
  Zip Code 18014
  Address 6814 Chrisphalt Dr
  Phone Number (610) 837-5916

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Our team adds value to undeveloped areas and enhances landscapes with modern facilities. Our process involves reducing project risk and increasing return on investment, while anticipating future needs. Borton-Lawson's foresight and creativity has provided transformational changes to our campus, the surrounding neighborhoods and the local community. They have done an amazing job for us and are the trusted partner we turn to whenever we are presented with an opportunity or need to respond to an emergency.

Our Environmental team utilizes in-depth knowledge and experience across its service portfolio. We provide valuable solutions through a commitment to environmental stewardship in the continued support of Borton-Lawson's core disciplines and existing clientele. The extent of our Environmental Group's Ecological Services range from botanical surveys to identify threatened and endangered plant species along utility line corridors to fish habitat improvement structures and riparian buffer enhancements as part of site mitigation and enhancement initiatives.

Borton-Lawson combines engineering expertise with cutting-edge technology to transform how you experience your projects. Here is one of the many ways we have used technology to help client's solve key issues. Utilizing 3D laser scanning, our team safely captured data needed to verify shop drawings and fabrication prior to replacing a heavily traveled bridge's concrete diaphragms. The scanning was performed from a safe distance on either the shoulder with no traffic control setups or lane closures required.

The Borton-Lawson Industrial team understands the challenges that modern manufacturing facilities face and is well-versed in delivering unique solutions, while minimizing the impacts to production.

Borton-Lawson has been executing successful projects in the Container, Fiberglass and Float Glass Industries for over 25 years, both domestically and internationally. Our industry knowledge combined with the use of the latest 3D design technologies makes Borton-Lawson the right choice to add full-service engineering support for your project needs. Our project delivery approach emphasizes teamwork and collaboration with solutions that focus on reducing risk not only through project execution but also throughout the life cycle of your asset.

Borton-Lawson combines technology with engineering expertise to deliver solutions in a variety of markets. The firm is aligned within three Divisions - Public & Private Infrastructure, Beyond Engineering, and Energy & Industrial - to help clients address their key issues. Borton-Lawson is also dedicated to creating a great company for our employees. A strong and engaged culture is the engine that drives our business. We cannot have success in strategy or performance without a thriving culture. With offices strategically located throughout Pennsylvania, Borton-Lawson can efficiently provide full-service solutions from our regional locations.