Acres of Virginia is a complete service Land Surveying and Engineering company. Our company and employees are firmly dedicated to delivering the highest quality product and service to our customers. Our company provides services related to Land Surveying, Engineering and Soils Analysis.

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  City Lynchburg, VA
  Zip Code 24521
  Address 404 Clay St
  Phone Number (434) 528-4674

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The Engineering staff at Acres of Virginia, Inc. is ready to serve our clients in multiple Engineering disciplines. Acres of Virginia, Inc., utilizes the lastest in electronic equipment. This combined with solid survey principals and experienced professionals allows this firm complete any Survey project. The Engineering and Soil consultant staff at Acres of Virginia, Inc., provides many different types of soil evaluation including shrink swell evaluations and alternative waste water disposal designs.

Protecting the environment has become a priority for today's society. To insure a bright and healthy future for our children we have developed ecologically friendly building, land disturbance and waste management techniques and designs. Preventative measures are a good start to preserving our planet. Mitigation, cleanup and restoration of environmentally damaged sites are also important to insure our planet's health. Acres of Virginia, Inc., can provide the services you need to prevent environmental impacts or assist in the mitigation of most any environmental issue.

Engineering is the backbone of building and design. From the Design of the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Empire State Building, Engineers have provided the knowledge, expertise and innovation needed to accomplish what were once thought to be impossible projects. The Engineering staff at Acres of Virginia, Inc. is ready to put its knowledge to work for you. I and the rest of the Sports Complex Committee greatly appreciate the time and effort that you have given towards this project. It is obvious upon review of the plans that this was a significant undertaking and that it was done with great attention to detail.