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Established in 2000, 2Point, Incorporated has achieved recognition and respect within the surveying and legal communities specializing in difficult retracements and boundary problems-often involving issues many firms tend to avoid. The company primarily engages in complex boundary disputes, access issues and consultation for attorneys who require an expert surveyor with specialized knowledge of unusual or obscure aspects of real estate law. 2Point is a closely held company. Kristopher and Robyn Kline are the only officers; our surveys and other projects are not "farmed out" to employees.

2Point, Inc. specializes in boundary research, analysis, and expert testimony on topics including: state grant overlaps, rights of way and easements, conflicting chains of conveyance, railroad lands, and unwritten rights. We have extensive experience with the challenges associated with difficult boundary retracements, land disputes, and complex survey situations where attention to detail, proven expertise, and professional consultation services can provide the information you need to resolve your boundary issues.

A nationally recognized expert on adverse possession and legal aspects of retracement, Kris Kline shares his knowledge in three must-read books for surveyors, land developers and attorneys who deal with property boundaries and easements. More than 600 rulings are included in this comprehensive text that provides a detailed analysis of Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements with a separate chapter focusing on 21 Eastern jurisdictions. This nationwide study examines many forms of unwritten rights including Acquiescence, Adverse Possession, Practical Location, Agreement, Estoppel and Part Performance.

Boundary retracement is not just a matter of measuring the angles and distances of the subject deed. In fact, completely unambiguous retracements are a rare occurrence. Clients often equate the difficulty-and therefore price-of a survey to acreage, the distance the surveyor must travel, the steepness of the terrain, and the ease with which the field crew can travel along the perimeter of the subject tract. While these are legitimate factors to consider, the quality of the descriptions and the legitimacy of adjoining deed descriptions often are more critical factors to the surveyor.